A multipurpose space open to a range of
uses and services.

A coffee House

Our espresso drinks are made with care and pride.  We use only locally roasted beans from the finest roaster in the area. Keeping our selections simple, we can concentrate on creating the most flavorful drinks for our patrons. 

Not a coffee drinker? Try our Chai Latte, London Fog or range of aromatic, organic teas.

 a COMMUNITY Art Space

An ever expanding community centered around the figurative arts. We provide a studio away from the studio. A place for like minded artists to build relationships, share their knowledge and learn from others.

Costumed and nude life drawing sessions, lectures, seminars and a unique and creative environment provide an art rich environment to spur the imagination.

A Place for Workshops & Seminars

Life drawing, lighting workshops, digital and traditional media painting workshops, live demos and lectures by noted industry professions. Keep an eye on our calendar for current and upcoming educational events. 

An Intimate Event space

Are you thinking of doing something different? Check out our events page and see what we're up to! The Conservatory is more than just an artist's workshop, more than a coffee shop... In the evenings we transform into a space where community happens!

From burlesque shows, to gaming nights, to musical acts, to unique gallery showings, to small private events, The Conservatory has got a colorful viewpoint on how to get people together.