An intimate venue with a diverse range of possibilities.

How it works

We would like to ensure that every event producer has an opportunity to express themselves through their vision. We have had the pleasure of hosting a variety of creative performances including art displays, burlesque, cabaret, community bingo and drag shows, life drawing, live music, radio shows, play readings, and writer's salons.

To have a successful production, we at The Conservatory attempt to match up the best events with our space - and by "the best" we mean those events that compliment our aesthetic, and vice versa. Sometimes that means something that is so out of the ordinary, that is juxtaposes what we are and how we see ourselves; and we love that.

We ask all producers to do a bit of research before requesting to produce a show at The Conservatory.

1. Look at our Calendar of Events to see if the date you'd like to use is available.
2. Once the date is found, double check with us to ensure we didn't forget to put an event on the Calendar! It happens - we're human too...
3. Drop us a line with your event concept! Let's see if we can make beautiful music together - or whatever other type of performance you do!
4. Once we have a set date on the calendar, we start promoting. You can promote yourself in any way you see fit, and we will help through our Calendar of Events, Facebook Events, and Instagram & Twitter presence. If you have a poster and/or post cards, feel free to bring them by the shop.
5. We have a venue rental fee. Contact us for details!

Guidelines & Policies

1. It's your show! You can charge at the door, ask for a suggested donation, or give it away as a promotional pro bono affair. The way we work door sales is simple: you keep your take of whatever you charge.
2. Set up ahead of time. Have personnel in place that will help with setting up the space the way you need it. The Conservatory has 45 folding chairs, and over a dozen stackable chairs that you may use for your guests. We can assist you in formulating a good plan from our experience, and we will help you get things set up.
3. Keep it Civil. We wish to foster a spirit of inclusivity and harmony at The Conservatory. We do not accept nor tolerate abuse of any sort. We have a strict "no touching" policy with performers without their consent. The dignity of performers and artists alike is paramount in the way we conduct our daily affairs. This should be your policy as well. 
4. Everything back in its place. Putting the Conservatory back to the way you found it is important for the following day's business. So your Stage Manager, Coordinator, Production Assistant, You... whomever you had set up should be part of breaking down and putting the place back to "normal." This, of course, includes cleanup of the main area and stage. 
5. Sounds and lights. We have a mixing board, a microphone, speakers, and fixed stage lights. If you need more than that, please feel free to bring what you require. The space is intimate - and by that we mean it's not very large. We suggest visiting the space prior to your event to ensure it meets your needs, and to see what equipment may, or may not, be necessary to create your event.
6. Communicate. If there are issues, questions, concerns, comments... email us, message us, call us, but by all means, please communicate with us so that things run as smoothly as possible for both of us. Your customer's/audience's experience should be carefree and enjoyable. As should yours!

We want you to have a successful event. Let us know when that would be!